About Us


     Basaran, Transportation and Forwarding Co.Ltd, Istanbul / Samandira was founded in 2007, our valuable customers, Shipping, Warehousing, Distribution and Logistics serves clients in all aspects in order to provide support.
     Transportation and Forwarding managed to provide better service to their customers as a way of institutionalization is necessary to follow all technological innovations; UND (International Transporters' Association), TSN (Turkey Freight Forwarders Association) Üyedir.Bağlı institutions such as the Ministry of Transport the front where we saw all the necessary hardware , sahiptir.Bakanlığın or Industry Associations Courses and Seminars Certificate Authority staff participated in the Service are providing our valued customers with current information and our funds.
     Since the day of establishment steadily to improve its service network and customer base, our company operates in accordance with the demands of our customers.
     High sense of responsibility, professional staff and advanced equipment, we carry on our activities and abroad in Istanbul City-Wide Truck, Truck, Truck transport heavy loads that require a wide range of projects are scattered so much.
     Basaran Marine; your own company staff, resellers and Service gaining the confidence of its customers based on customer requests over any other place in Turkey Complete, Partial, Design, distribution and storage services is providing an excellent service to their customers Transport 'Difference Basaran shows customers.
     We look forward to seeing the difference with the Basaran, Transport and Transportation.
     Our vision is to be the industry leader company in Turkey in advancing yıllarlar, Transportation and Logistics Sector different and better serve its customers by providing an understanding of the Company.
     Our mission is to show that the transport sector is one of the best in this business and provide clients with impeccable service approach.